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Learn about the E2 visa

Just what is the E2 visa program?

The E2 visa program, also referred to as the E2 visa, is a visa for visitors who would like to live in the usa to develop and operate a business. The E2 Visa is a good selection for all those planning to set up a business in america.

This can be a nonimmigrant visa that is issued to citizens in the treaty places of the United States (nations that conserve a ongoing bilateral Trade and Maritime Agreement with the us).

The conditions of the E2 visa

Become a citizen of places that the usa is a signatory for the E2 Treaty

The applicant have to prove that he or she has become or is making an investment a substantial quantity inside an true business in america. The candidate must be the buyer, the executive levels, or own no less than 50Percent of the business worth.

The applicant have to show that she / he is getting into america together with the only intent behind operating and developing the business where they invest.

During the time period of holding an E2 visa, the investor's business needs to have a particular functioning and productivity, and produce revenue and jobs for native audio speakers.

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