Stephanie J Returns & She’s Bringing The Sweets With Her!

Date: August 19, 2021

Subject: Stephanie J Returns & She’s Bringing The Sweets With Her! Business Name: Chips In The Dough/ Piece A Pound Cake

Stephanie J, owner of Chips In The Dough, is back on the NEPA scene giving us life with her creative desserts.

Stephanie started baking as a hobby and a way to relieve anxiety. One cookie turned into one brownie which turned into a cake & Chips In The Dough was born.

Stephanie is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having owned several successful businesses through the years such as Blaq Gyrl Media, where she was a celebrity publicist, working with household names like VH1, Universal Music Group & more. Stephanie also launched I Hate My Biz Coach in 2017, a coaching and consulting agency where she coached young women who were just entering the entrepreneur world.

With a Bachelors in Business and her Master's in Business Law, Stephanie J states: I have never been inside of a culinary institute, i'm 100% self taught, and i just ran with it."

Stephanie received rave reviews on her baking, made a name for herself by providing affordable and delicious desserts for all occasions. Before Covid hit, she was making strides in the baking world. As an active member of the Wilkes Barre Chamber of

Commerce, recently, Stephanie just launched Piece A Pound Cake, a sister company to Chips In The Dough, where she specializes in custom Pound Cakes.

Regaining her clientele that was abruptly brought to a halt because of the pandemic,

Stephanie has wasted no time bouncing back, reclaiming her spot on the baking throne.

Website: Instagram: @ChipsInTheDough Facebook: Chips In The Dough