Writing Is Now Un-girdled With myhalfofthestory

(June 8, 2021): For the writers, finding the right place to write and spread the words is quite a tricky task. This first reason for such complication is that the writers look for such platforms that would not restrict their voices to certain do’s and don’ts.

There are many writers who are vocal about the cultural, social and political aspects of the country, and they do not like the notion of writing any fiction or non fiction with boundaries on those parts. The second reason for their hesitation is the fact that there are a lot of sites online that plagiarize the new writer’s writings into their own creations. This is equally a very unfortunate events.

This is where Robert Plecker has brought his site myhalfofthestory, a safe place to write for all. Robert is totally and permanently disabled due to a functional neurologic disorder writing is his outlet and internet writing is his new hobby. He has recently upgraded the site from WordPress to a user friendly html social writing platform.

He has also partnered with beakira.com for marketing and is happy to announce now that when the users type in the words his half of the story on Google the sites shows up as number one. Robert has turned to writing as a hobby and he is hoping that the new site will attract people that want to share a story. He invites all the enthusiasts to be a part of the site and enjoty reading.

About myhalfofthestory:

It is a site for the writers and readers created by Robert Plecker, who is himself a writing enthusiast. His safe and secure site is the perfect one for the would be and experienced writers and readers.

For more information, Please visit https://www.myhalfofthestory.com/